About us

Welcome to our site! We are Smith family, and we are really happy that you visited us.

My name is Derek, and I would like you to tell how our idea about motoburg was born.

I and my wife July are the old motorists. When we were young, we regularly drove even to the U.S.A. at the auto show and just on car exhibitions and meetings of motorists. Yes my wife also shares my passion for cars. If we knew that somewhere would be beautiful cars, we did everything to be there. Even when our son Mitch was born, we didn’t give up our hobby. We just started to take him with us. When he became a bit older, he thanked us for taking him with us. It just so happened that my family became crazy about cars.

All went normal, until Mitch introduced us to the Internet. Не was a clever boy, and quickly mastered computer and the Internet. We found that on Internet, there are a many amazing pictures. We with July, spent a lot of time watching pictures. :)

Yes, in those days it was much more difficult than it is now. Now we have Internet. This is the greatest invention! It really took a lot of time to find interesting photos, we had to visit a lot of sites. Of course it was much easier than driving at an auto show (although we still travel, but Mitch rarely travel with us, because he has a lot of studies).

Then Mitch went to the University. Now he is studying for a programmer, and he offered us, to make a site. At the first time we were confused, but then we found this, the amazing idea. We spend so much time finding pictures, so we thought why not to share them with our friends across the country and the people who love cars as we love? It was decided, that we would make a site where we would collect pictures of cars from around the world!

And we can do it! All my life from childhood I worked an auto mechanic, my July worked a journalist, and Mitch studies at the programmer. We have a great team, which is obsessed with cars! Also Mitch’s girlfriend Katy began to help us. Katy helps us with searching the interesting photos. We really love what we do, the whole this work was surprisingly not easy for us, we had many new things to learn and master, but our site is developing , we constantly receive letters from grateful visitors, and this is the best compliment for us and a sign that we are doing everything right!

Motoburg - will be the best car gallery, where you can find photos from around the world. And we are confidently moving towards this goal. And we do it all for you, our dear customers!

We hope that you will enjoy our site.